1st Shift Operator, Filling

Company Name:
Work at workstation on product filling and packaging line
1.Match batch tickets with information on can, acquire proper labels labeling and filling and assist in set-up of labeling machine; inspect cans to verify appropriate product identification numbers, product types and warnings are properly attached
2.Retrieve plugs and stage plugs from proper area.
3.Verify cans and labels are ready for batch to be filled; maintain a full scramble table with empty containers place them on filling line and stack filled containers on pallets.
4.Set up, make adjustments to, clean up labelers and Inspect pallets for damage and reject as necessary.
5.Operate box sticker and bailer machines and monitor equipment for proper operation.
6.Request maintenance help when needed.
7.Move pallets and distribute in Make & Shape area and scan pallet barcode placards for inventory purposes.
8.Feed boxes onto the box assembler and feed empty containers through bailing, labeling, and sticker machines and monitor equipment functionality.
basic production log to include tank number, inspection person, product number, batch number, label identification, weight, unit size in half pints, pints, quarts, gallons, or fives and converted weight.
10.Ensure proper screens or filters are placed feeding mechanism; change filters as needed and ensure correct cans are staged over from storage and correct lids are used ensuring proper sealing of lids.
EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION/TRAINING: Minimum High School diploma or equivalent
Some experience in a production environment is desirable
Knowledge of filling line production, packaging procedures and equipment
Ability to operate a forklift, bailing, label, and sticker machines
Knowledge of safety rules and procedure
Ability to check cans, lids, fill levels and ensure proper screens or filters are being utilized
Ability to visually inspect labels and stickers for correct identification of products
Knowledge of equipment control systems
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: May be required to work shifts and weekends
Auto req ID 14584BR
Job Title 1st Shift Operator, Filling
Business Unit Behr
Job Posting Category Production/Operation
City Imperial
State/Province Missouri
Country United States

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